To move during summer might be convenient for busy professionals, students, and families. However, it could be discouraging because of the severe heat during this season. Luckily, you can overcome the exhausting and sweaty moving this season. For beginners, it is highly recommended to hire moving experts to assist in terms of the heavy lifting for you to pay attention to your moving to-do-list. The following are some of the things to consider doing if you move in summertime: 


Move early in the morning 

You can overcome the heat by beginning to move as early as you can within the day. Early mornings have the lowest humidity and temperature levels throughout the summer months. It is best to begin moving as early as possible because you can also overcome heavy traffic. If you are not available in the mornings, then it’s recommended to do it in the evening hours or even in the late afternoon once the temperature decreases. 

 Wear comfortable clothes 

You should not be worried about being a fashionista when your moving day comes. Moreover, it is not the perfect time to become uncomfortable. Instead, you should wear breathable and light clothing for you to feel comfy, and don’t forget your closed-shoes with socks.  

Turn your air conditioner on in the home you’ll be moving 

To prevent arriving at an unbearably hot house, it is highly suggested that the homeowner should turn on your appliances before moving. If you are near to the new place, you should make sure to turn on your AC the day before moving or at least turn it on as soon as you arrive in your home if are moving long distance. Once you cool down your new home in advance, it can make the transition and move much more perfect.  

Carry a portable fan with you 

Having a handy portable fan is an important thing to do while moving since it helps you to keep cool during summer. You can also place an electric fan near your home’s entrance where your packers and movers will be unloading and loading the truck. L 

Never forget applying sunscreen 

If you are planning to be outside during your moving day, make sure that you apply sunscreen. Opting for a water-resistant sunscreen is highly recommended by professional dermatologists. To have the best results, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before the activity. 

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